Please Stop Wasting Your Time and Money on Junk.

Please Stop Wasting Your Time and Money on Junk.

Why you need to seek our consent before a product purchase.

Unfortunately in the world of beauty, cosmetics and social media, not everything is always as it seems. The miracle product that may be shadowing you through the internet will probably never live up to the hype.
Heres why…

Clients and non-clients who are in a vulnerable state due to temperamental skin, will give anything a go in the hope it will solve their skin woes.
Unfortunately miracle products are just about as common as unicorns. The latest diet fad is not too dissimilar to the latest skin fad product. While it may promise the world it will deliver little of it, leaving you disappointed and beating yourself up over wasted money and hope. We see this often.

Unfortunately there are no cutting corners, miracle elixir or overnight fix when it comes to skin. A considered, holistic and long-term approach will always provide better, and longer lasting results.

While some of these ‘insta worthy’ products may be well priced below the cosmeceutical ones that we recommend, the accumulation of dud products over time will often greatly outweigh the investment in a brilliant product that will work from the start.
Basically, quality over quantity when it comes to your skin girlfriend! It really isn’t that complicated.

So, why are these gimmick products so cheap?
Well, often these cosmetic brands will invest less in the quality of the active ingredients or in the preservative systems. If you take a look at the ingredient labels, you’ll be (not so) surprised to see that the key “active ingredient” is actually toward the end of the ingredient list. Therefore meaning it is very low concentration, or actually a preservative. Cheap ingredients and questionable preservative systems do not equal glowing skin (sigh).

Your skin is exceptionally clever, stubborn and has a brilliant memory for products it doesn’t like.
While this “new miracle” product may be tolerated on your skin once and it feels nice, applied a few times after that may will trigger a negative response.
You may experience a full-blown reaction, red, dry and sensitive skin. You might get a little dermatitis. You might, eventually, see that it’s not the miracle it promised. You might then say, “well that was a waste of money!”

Mass market, fad products sold by influencers on social media will not get you the results you want, full stop.

So, the better alternative?
A system that is handpicked for you and your skin, by us.

As soon as you arrive as a client through the JV doors, our skin-obsessed brains are planning for your skins future. Right off the bat we will simplify your at-home routine. Remove what is not helping and introduce a few products you need. From there, growth. Growth on growth on growth.

What sometimes debunks this growth is the introduction of non-prescribed or low quality products, that have been purchased without our consent.

At James Vivian we are not about wasting your time or your money by promising miracles in a jar. We are about purposeful and prescriptive homecare that is going to get you the skin you want. We are tertiary qualified skin professionals and so, provide all the facts with zero BS. If we are recommending a product it is because your skin needs it. If we are telling you to pop something to the side for a while, your skin needs a break. And if we are telling you the $8 miracle serum you saw advertised is junk, it is.
This isn’t for fun, we’ve probably tried it, we know someone who was disheartened by it and we have likely dealt with a skin reaction from it too.

Let us spare you ALL of this. Around here we know great skin doesn’t happen overnight. One miracle serum won’t do too much.
Great skin? it happens by the synergistic blend of good quality homecare, skin treatments and regular check-ins with your dermal clinician.

While it may sound a tad overbearing, the ‘no purchase without consent’ approach is really just in place to save you time, money and the heartache that is likely to ensue after using it.

So, f you need a new serum – reach out.
If your skin is looking dull – reach out.
If you heard a new fad – reach out.
If you don’t have time to call email or text us and we will get back to you.

We’re happy to debunk any product you’re curious about, and hey, if we think it’s a good fit for you and your skin, you can go right ahead and invest in it.