The Neck & Dec, Declaration

The Neck & Dec, Declaration

Why you need to start taking serious care of your neck and décolletage.

When should I start taking care of my neck? Yesterday.

Our neck and dec are subject to neglect. Unless you're wearing a turtleneck 365 days a year, then your neck and décolletage are probably just as exposed to the sun and environment as your face. Think about all the time and money you're investing into your face's skincare, but what about your poor old, tired neck?!
This is why we need targeted products to look after this area...

Firstly, while this won't come to much of a surprise, sunscreen is an absolute must when it comes to protection.
Thinking about shirts, blouses, active wear when you are outdoors, does it cover the neck and dec? not often. This sun exposure accelerates ageing, redness and hyperpigmentation.
While we're on that note... who here sprays fragrance on their neck and dec?
Fragrance containing essential oils and alcohol, further accelerate UV damage. So PLEASE be mindful of fragrance application and consider your outdoor outfit choice for the sake of your neck and chest area.

Secondly, there’s a lot misconceptions out there about how to look after the neck and chest area. Think about your everyday skincare routine- Do you bring your skincare down your neck? While this will aid in hydrating the area, your skincare is best to be focused on your face (excess product can be spread there however). And really, using double the amount of skincare is really not kind to the budget. The skin on our neck is different to the face and therefore must be treated accordingly.

You wouldn't don’t go putting your high quality retinol on the arms, would you? Exactly!

Like any skincare concern we want appropriate and targeted treatments for this area. Cue the all-in-one neck and chest products we know you're relived to hear about.
Targeted neck creams tick all the boxes when it comes to active skincare. Peptides to target lines and wrinkles, proteins and antioxidants to support cellular structures as well as antioxidants to smooth, hydrate and reduce inflammation.

Moving onto treatments for the neck and chest area...
In the JV treatment room, we can target hyper-pigment and hyper-vascularity with Laser Therapies and Dermapen. Lasers focus on chromophores. This means we can choose from our many James Vivian laser platforms to regulate pigment and vascularity (anticipate 5-7 days of manageable downtime).
While Dermapen is focusing more structurally on regulating and firming the area. Which is most appropriate, your clinician will map out the best plan for you.

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