Founder Facials Vol. 3 - Meagan Pate

Founder Facials Vol. 3 - Meagan Pate
Founder Facials, where we go into the treatment room with some of our favourite business owners to pick their brain, as James picks their skin. 

Our second instalment is all about Meagan Pate, Beauty Co-Founder and CMO of Three Warriors tanning products.
Meagan's journey within the beauty industry started from a young age. Since struggling with self confidence issues as a teen with hormonal acne, she began her own exploration in self-expression with makeup to help her feel confident within herself and within her skin.
Here, James and Meagan dive into what they love, and don't love about the beauty industry at large (including some discourse surrounding the topic of fake tan), the perks and perils of being a business owner, all while facilitating a Signature Dermal Therapy Treatment!
Get the full episode below and stay tuned for new additions to our series!