Pico Genesis


Cutera's Pico Genesis safely and effectively reduces and removes signs of hyperpigmentation, including freckles, sun spots and melasma, revealing a lighter, brighter and even skin tone.

Effective at improving uneven skin tone due to sun exposure, Pico Genesis assists in the often chronic inflammatory condition melasma, in addition to resolving post-inflammatory skin discolourations that can remain following breakouts or other skin traumas. Pico Genesis is for all skin types, including darker skin tones.

  • Pregnancy
  • Oral isotretinoin

Sometimes likened to the sensation of ‘electric rain’ on the face. Intense ‘snapping’ feelings can occur but are rare and will dissipate within seconds.

No precare is required.

Take it easy on your skin for five days, or until any reactions have subsided. Use a gentle cleanser morning and night, along with a moisturiser or your prescribed post-treatment product. As always, you should avoid direct sunlight, and wear a high SPF sunscreen and hat whenever outdoors.

Most clients experience mild redness immediately following Pico Genesis. These effects are temporary and typically resolve after 24 – 48 hours. Over the course of a few days, any treated sun spots or freckles will darker and flake off as they heal. On occasion, a mild histamine response can be experienced which will again resolve after a few days and can be eased with an over the counter antihistamine tablet.

To improve specific concerns, we recommend three (more for melasma) appointments at 2 to 4-week intervals, followed by a review. Regular maintenance is recommended as pigment can return, especially in the case of melasma.

$360 — Per area (face, neck or décolleté)

$455 – Combine two areas
$555 – All three areas

$255 – Hands

$50-155 – Spot treatment add-on

+$2 Green Fee

As a proud partner of Sustainable Salons, we apply a supplemental $2 green fee to all of our services. Your $2 helps us collect and process recyclable materials and provide meals for people in need through OzHarvest. Thank you for supporting your fellow Australians and joining our journey towards zero waste.