The second of James's foundation products, the moisturiser, plays a critical and crucial part in both the AM and PM skincare routine (the two others are a great cleanser and SPF)....

A heavyweight in nourishment and hydration, a great moisturiser will lock in all the goodness you've applied to the skin via serums, oils and balms. A hardworking moisturiser will also ensure the skin's barrier remains intact, and crucial hydration levels are maintained.

When it comes to choosing the right moisturiser for you and your skin, please ensure you're taking your concerns into account. Of course, if you're a little lost on what is best, we're here to guide you.

There are sophisticated moisturiser formulas designed to help skins producing excess oil, dry and dehydrated skins as well as breakout prone and congested skins achieve better balance. And if you’re on the oily side, please do not fall victim to not using a moisturiser because you’re linking it to exacerbating your oil production. The use of a suitable moisturiser for oily skins is not only necessary, but will help support the rebalancing of your sebaceous, oil producing glands.

To one of the hardest working product groups out there, thank you moisturisers for keeping our skin plump and hydrated. Love you forever.

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