Relationships work best when everyone’s on the same page. That’s why we’ll kick ours off with a 45-minute complimentary consultation.


Starting with a consultation and skin analysis means we can find out all about you and your skin – its history, its concerns and where you want to take it next.


Once we’ve got the full story, we’ll create a treatment and homecare plan tailored to your needs, factoring in any suitable skincare you currently own.


At James Vivian, we understand that attached to every skin is a person with commitment capacities, budget requirements and differing abilities to undergo downtime and discomfort, so we will create you a plan that suits you and your skin on the day and into the future.


Then it’s up to you. Get cracking with a treatment then and there; or take your time, ask some questions, go home and weigh it all up.


And for anyone unable to make it into the clinic, our complimentary consultations are also available over the phone and serve as the next best option to face to face consultations.