Eyes and Lips

Have you ever thought about how much looking, speaking, eating and drinking you do each day? Neither, but now you mention it, it seems like quite a lot.

Our eyes and mouth area get overworked from a muscular point of view, every single day....

It's also true that the areas surrounding the eyes and lips are some of the most fragile portions of skin on the entire body.

Thin and fragile skin requires specific care when compared to the rest of the face, or body.

For the eyes, when treating common areas of concern such as ageing, dark circles, puffiness and dehydration, we need to be especially gentle.

Our lips are also prone to its own set of issues, including dehydration, thinning and cracking.

Thankfully we have the below curation of products to ensure these hardworking areas are taken great care of. Get in touch if you're unsure whether you need an eye or lip product.
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