Neck, Chest and Body

While the skin on our faces deserve all the care we give it, it’s a little unfair that the skin on 90% of the body doesn’t receive as much TLC.

Often, concerns clients are experiencing on the skin of their face is presenting in other areas as well. That’s right, common conditions such as pigmentation, acne and sensitivities are experienced all over the body just as much as they are on the face....

Here at James Vivian, we believe that products prescribed for the skin of the face should be applied to the face, and the face only.

When treating areas such as the neck, décolletage, back and hands, there are treatments and products designed specifically to cater to these specific skin spots. These areas of skin have different needs and wants, so must be targeted accordingly.

For those seeking treatment for pigmentation and sunspots to the chest, arm and hands, pigment-inhibiting ingredients paired with sun protection is a must for any area of skin exposed to UV rays.

Often those experiencing acne of the body, typically on the back (back-ne) and chest, our clinicians will prescribe exfoliating body washes and moisturiser to accelerate the cell renewal.

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