Laser Vein Therapy


Versatile and effective, this treatment targets visible vessels and facial redness. With Cutera’s excel V and xeo platforms, we can target anything from tiny spider veins to large reticular veins, and generalised redness.

Ideal for clients looking to address prominent facial vessels and redness.

  • Pregnancy
  • Some medications (including oral Vitamin A, warfarin, antibiotics, blood-thinners, and long-term aspirin use)
  • Recent sun exposure
  • Artificial tan
  • Active cold sores in the treatment area
  • Inability to take downtime

Laser Vein Therapy causes a hot flicking sensation on the skin, which can feel particularly intense when treatment occurs under the eyes or near the corners of the nose.

Please let us know if you are using, or have recently used, any photosensitising medications (including antibiotics). All use of vitamin A-based skincare products should be stopped one week before treatment (please get in touch with us if unsure which of your homecare products contain vitamin A). The treatment area should not show any visible signs of sun exposure or fake tan. If you are prone to cold sores, we recommend using an over-the-counter prophylactic to reduce the risk of pre-treatment breakout.

Take it easy on your skin for five days, or until any reactions have subsided. Use a gentle cleanser morning and night, along with a moisturiser or your prescribed post-treatment product. As always, you should avoid direct sunlight, and wear a high SPF sunscreen and hat whenever outdoors. Avoid aggressive exercise for 48 hours. An over-the-counter antihistamine may be used at night time only to reduce the potential of post-treatment swelling.

Expect at least 24 hours of downtime due to redness and heat in the treated area. Bruising, swelling and darkening in the treated area may persist for up to two weeks. Elevating the head with an extra pillow while sleeping will help reduce swelling, and a cold compress can be used to alleviate post-treatment heat and discomfort.

For many visible vessels, a single treatment is often sufficient. For larger areas, we recommend one to three treatments at four- to six-week intervals. For areas covering at least one-third of the face, please anticipate more than ten treatments. Any further treatment required within twelve weeks is complimentary. After the recommended number of sessions, we’ll review your skin’s progress to determine whether further treatments are needed. If vessels return after this time, this is usually indicative of a persistent deeper issue requiring regular maintenance.

$55 — One to two vessels
$155 — Two to five vessels
$205 — Six to ten vessels
$205 — Nasal area
$255 — One-third face
$405 — Two-thirds face
$455 — Full face

+$2 Green Fee

As a proud partner of Sustainable Salons, we apply a supplemental $2 green fee to all of our services. Your $2 helps us collect and process recyclable materials and provide meals for people in need through OzHarvest. Thank you for supporting your fellow Australians and joining our journey towards zero waste.