The very first foundation product in James' three-part skincare must-haves, is a great cleanser. While it may sound a little silly to say aloud (or in this case, your head), a good cleanser that actually cleans, is very important.

The cornerstone to your skincare routine and the product that pretty much dictates the efficiency of everything to follow, you better believe you need a hardworking cleanser....

So, how do you choose the cleanser thats right for you?
It can sometimes be a hard task, but with everything, make sure your choice is fuelled by your concern.
Dry/sensitive skin? A cream or non-foaming cleanser should be best.
Congested/acne prone skin?Try something with salicylic acid to draw out excess oils and exfoliate.
Perfectly balanced and bouncy skin? Let us know what you're using so we can stock up too.

Of course, we are always here to chat with you about which of the below options is going to be best for you, your skin, and your skin concerns.

We are also big advocates for the 2 Minute Cleanse here at James Vivian.
If you'd like to learn more about this technique, please watch our IGTV.

Shop our curation of cleansers that actually cleanse, below.
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