Laser Genesis


Our secret weapon against ageing, redness and uneven texture. Cutera’s Laser Genesis reduces wrinkles, shrinks pores, smooths scarring and evens out skin tone. Awesome all by itself, we like to give this collagen-stimulating treatment a boost by combining it with topical therapies to target multiple concerns at the same time.

Effective at mitigating and preventing the signs of ageing, Laser Genesis can also be used to reduce scarring, pore size and uneven skin tone; minimise redness; and heal post-inflammatory skin discolouration that can remain following breakouts, such as hyperpigmentation (brown marks) and erythema (excessive redness).

  • Pregnancy
  • Oral Vitamin A

Sometimes likened to the sensation of hot water droplets on the face. Intense feelings of heat can occur but are rare, and will dissipate within seconds.

No precare is required.

Take it easy on your skin for five days, or until any reactions have subsided. Use a gentle cleanser morning and night, along with a moisturiser or your prescribed post-treatment product. As always, you should avoid direct sunlight, and wear a high SPF sunscreen and hat whenever outdoors.

None. Mild warmth and subsequent redness may persist for a short time post-treatment. Some peels can induce mild shedding; this will be discussed prior to application.

To improve specific concerns, we recommend four to six appointments at two- to four-week intervals, followed by a review. Regular maintenance is recommended at four- to twelve-week intervals.

$305 — Laser Genesis only
$455 — Includes facial treatment

+$2 Green Fee

As a proud partner of Sustainable Salons, we apply a supplemental $2 green fee to all of our services. Your $2 helps us collect and process recyclable materials and provide meals for people in need through OzHarvest. Thank you for supporting your fellow Australians and joining our journey towards zero waste.