Mineral Makeup

To us, foundation is your last skincare product and your first makeup product. All your hard work using fabulous skincare can easily be compromised when using a pore-clogging, drying foundation. It is such a shame and something we often see with clients....

The real drawcard when it comes to opting for mineral over the alternative is that mineral makeups are made of skin loving ingredients. Often created using a concoction of zinc and minerals, these cosmeceutical quality ingredients reduce inflammation and allow your skin to glow. Mineral makeups also commonly contain humectants (i.e. hyaluronic acid) or other hydrating ingredients which means your skin will be happy, hydrated and if you’re lucky, radiate even more glow!

Often following one of our in-clinic treatments, we will apply some of the below featured mineral makeup to conceal redness and any inflammation brought on. We only trust mineral makeup to provide cover up that is reparative, soothing, and high quality to best preserve all the good work performed in during the treatments.

Providing the skin colour, sun protection and in some cases aiding in reducing inflammation in the skin, these are the reasons why we favour mineral makeup in the JV world.

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