Whilst some youngsters will not experience skin issues beyond a blemish or two, many will.

A surge in hormones is one of the many reasons why teens experience some of the most acute skin concerns of their lives. Acne can be an especially devastating skin condition that comes with both physical and emotional challenges that can last for years....

Whether it’s a teen reading this (hello) or a guardian of one looking to kickstart a change in the routine of their adolescent, the introduction of a considered and effective skincare will instil a proper understanding of the importance of skin health and care for the long-term.

At James Vivian we wholeheartedly believe that prevention is better than a cure, so even if a youngster isn’t necessarily presenting with concerns around the time of puberty, it’s super important to instil a habit of proper skin care and sun protection from an early age.

Let us help guide you and your adolescent through these skin challenges with support and the right prescription of skincare and treatments. Our Teen Dermal Therapy Treatment was actually formulated to specifically help boost results and confidence in young clients.

Below are the curation of products we often reply upon when treating the skins of teen clients.
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