Teen Express


Dermal therapy for the future skincare sage. Teen Express take control of oily, blemished and clogged complexions, or simply help young people get a head start on caring for the body’s largest organ. Parents and guardians are welcome to attend consultations and treatments.

Congested, breakout-prone younger skins; teens and young adults looking to improve and conserve the health of their skin.

  • Oral Vitamin A (can be modified by excluding chemical peels)

Manual extractions can cause some discomfort, while chemical peels (if required) can create tingling and warmth on the skin.

No precare is required.

Take it easy on your skin for five days, or until any reactions have subsided. Use a gentle cleanser morning and night, along with a moisturiser. As always, you should avoid direct sunlight, and wear a high SPF sunscreen and hat whenever outdoors. No picking or squeezing!

Minimal. Extractions may cause some scabbing, and there may be a couple of days of mild to moderate redness.

For rapid improvement, we recommend two to four appointments at two- to four-week intervals, followed by a review. Regular maintenance is recommended at four- to twelve-week intervals.


+$2 Green Fee

As a proud partner of Sustainable Salons, we apply a supplemental $2 green fee to all of our services. Your $2 helps us collect and process recyclable materials and provide meals for people in need through OzHarvest. Thank you for supporting your fellow Australians and joining our journey towards zero waste.