How to Care for your Skin, Pre and Post Treatment

How to Care for your Skin, Pre and Post Treatment

Everything you need to know for your first facial out of lockdown.

After a very long hiatus, clinics are back, and we cannot explain how nice it is to have you walking through our doors once again. While we know you’ve been caring for your skin in the best possible way whilst at home (bravo), it’s time for an in-clinic treatment to fill that missing puzzle piece in your holistic skin efforts. Whilst we cannot wait to jump straight back in, it is important to run through a few simple tips to prep your skin pre-treatment, as well as some handy post-care tips to help minimise your downtime.


Simple and unsurprisingly, we ask you to please stick to your skincare routine your clinician has prescribed to you in the lead up to a treatment. The addition of any new product, or anything out of the typical AM or PM cycle, can not only disrupt your progress, but can hinder what we’re able to perform on the treatment bed. Simply put, please stick to your usual skincare, and leave the rest to us. 


Never forget your SPF

We’ll never tire of telling you this! SPF is not only mandatory every day that ends in a ‘y’ but is especially important after an in-clinic treatment.

Within each James Vivian facial, the skin will be poked, prodded, peeled and trauma will be administered to trigger a response yielding transformative results. For these wound healing responses to work to the best of their ability, the skin must be properly protected from the damaging sun. Failure to do so can really interfere with the skins progress and sometimes create more damage than good.

In the days following your treatment, simply apply your JV-approved sunscreen as you normally would, post cleansing and application of serums and moisturiser. You may even way to limit your time outdoors after an invasive peel or skin needling sesh, just to be extra careful!

Be gentle with your skin

The last thing your skin wants following a treatment is to be poked or massaged aggressively. If you are touching your skin with too much force it will most likely be uncomfortable, with the pain a cry from your skin to ‘PLEASE STOP!’. Whether you’re flaky or not, please be very gentle with the way you wash your face and apply skincare post treatment, a soft caress is preferred.

Keep skincare simple & gentle

As well as treating the skin with a gentle touch, it’s important to treat the skin to gentle products in the days after your treatment. Pair your routine right back to the JV-3 foundation products; a (non-exfoliating) cleanser, moisturiser, and SPF. We recommend a simplified routine of these three products for 3 to 5 days post facial, or until the skin feels back to its normal self.

Don’t pick or pull at flaky skin before it’s ready

Often the purpose of clinical treatments is to lift away damaged cell layers and reveal healthy, younger looking ones. To do this, we cause the skin to shed. It is exceptionally common for your skin to flake, peel and shed post treatment, and whilst it is very tempting, please do not pick off dead skin. The removal of dry and flaky skin before it’s ready can lead to unnecessary redness or even scarring! So, you need to leave it alone and just let mother nature and Mr Gravity do its work. 

Avoid active ingredients like retinols and exfoliating acids

Again, it’s very important to let the skin shed naturally. If you try to add in retinols and other exfoliating acids before your skin is ready, you’ll only irritate your skin further which can lead to bigger problems down the track. While we love exfoliation and the transformative results we get with retinoids and AHAs, best to leave them alone post-treatment, and focus on nourishing the skin instead. Your skin will love you for it!


Our team of excited and impassioned dermal clinicians are here to smooth out any pre or post treatment questions you may have. Get in touch here.

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