How to Switch Up Your Skincare for Summer

How to Switch Up Your Skincare for Summer

The seasonal shift to the warmer months shouldn’t be a shock, here’s how to navigate it.

While we always believe a great skincare routine should be applicable to all weather situations, sometimes a few minor tweaks may be required as the seasons change to benefit the health of your skin. For example, we wouldn’t wear the same winter clothing through summer, would we? Sometimes seasonal things just don’t translate all year round and that’s ok!

So, while some of the elements in our routines are likely to stay the same sometimes our skin will take the lead and let us know a shift is necessary. Below are a few ways that may be beneficial as the weather warms up...


An obvious mention but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t take this step seriously enough. While SPF is important all year round, it’s especially important to have your sunscreen game perfected when the weather heats up and you’re spending more time outdoors.

UBV is stronger in the summer months, and these are the pesky rays responsible for deadly and dangerous skin cancers like melanoma. It is therefore very important you apply sunscreen in the morning, reapply and reapply again every 2 hours following, every single day you’re spending outdoors.

Stumped with how to reapply easily throughout the day? Take a peek at these clever little helpers that make reapplication of SPF a breeze, even over makeup! See Sunforgettable & Tone Smart.

Switch Up your Cream Cleanser for a Gel Cleanser

If through winter you tend to opt for more nourishing, gentle and cream-based cleansers, then switching back to a thorough gel based or foaming cleanser through the warmer months, may help balance out your skin. The accumulation of SPF, sweat, makeup and everything else summer leaves on our skin can really interfere with our progress. The solution is to ensure you’re cleansing adequately without stripping the skin. We will always recommend you follow your skin’s lead, and if you’re unsure, get in touch with your Dermal Clinician.

Don’t Stop Moisturising, Lighten Up if you Need To

To counteract the additional drying climate of winter and central heating on our skin, it’s not uncommon to be using thicker moisturising creams to adequately hydrate our skin throughout the cooler months. When the temperature starts to surge in summer, some skin types may benefit from using lighter formulas on their skin. Counter to that, other skin types such as oily/acne prone may find an SPF/moisturiser combo in one will feel like plenty of hydration in the heat. 

The best way to know if you’re getting enough hydration without lathering the skin too much is to see how your skin is tracking. A sign of needing to switch to a moisturiser a little lighter in consistency is congestion, oiliness and beading through your makeup. If you’re concerned about whether your moisturiser is performing in summer, get in touch!

Focus on Antioxidants

While antioxidants are great ingredients to have in your skincare routine all year round, they’re even more beneficial during the summer months. Vitamin C especially is a powerhouse in combatting pigmentation by brightening the skin, protecting from free radical damage and can even help with collagen production. If you’re yet to incorporate an antioxidant rich product in the morning to help protect from environmental damage, now may just be the perfect time to explore one.

An antioxidant-rich serum we love and we’d love to introduce to you is Alto Defense Serum by Skinbetter Science. Get in touch to see if this is what your skin may be missing.

Try Mineral Makeup

Not all skin types can tolerate makeup of all forms and formulations and here at James Vivian we wholeheartedly believe in mineral makeup. We always recommend mineral makeup to clients as it’s akin to good quality skincare, and less likely to make the skin breakout. Relying on great quality, skin-loving ingredients such as zinc and minerals, this type of makeup can help reduce inflammation and often has an SPF component too. A great addition to any skincare routine and any skin type, if you’re yet to try mineral makeup, now if the perfect time to ask us about it.