Skinmalism, Our Feature in Strong Magazine

Skinmalism, Our Feature in Strong Magazine

How to deal with troublesome skin by stripping your routine right back to the basics.

Navigating the endless world of cosmeceutical and cosmetic skincare can be overwhelming. With new products, product categories and innovative actives consistently being pushed to us via marketing and influencers, this whole skincare game can be tiresome and convoluted.

If you’ve been following us a while here at JV, you’d know we’re big believers in a considered skincare plan that is prescribed for your skin (and your skin only) by a professional you trust. What works for her skin, his skin or that person on Instagram’s skin won’t necessarily work for you, and trialling it can seriously derail all the positive progress you’ve worked hard for with your Dermal Clinician.

The lovely people at Strong Magazine got in touch with James to give his word on why a minimalist approach to skincare is best, some of these key points have been included below...

A 2017 study by showed that 85 per cent of women between the ages of 16 and 75 use at least 16 skincare and makeup products every single day. To us, that number is too great! We often see clients overdoing it with products which inherently messes with the integrity of their skin. By using too many ingredients on the skin we can strip its natural barrier and expose it to dehydration and hypersensitivity. So yes, less is often more when it comes to your skincare line up. 

Not only will pairing back your repertoire of skin prods help give your skin it’s best chance at success, but it will certainly reduce your spending on unnecessary stuff. According to that same study, women will spend as much on beauty products as it costs to buy a house in their lifetime- yikes! Another upside to consuming less beauty products is that you won’t be fuelling a wasteful economy of producing without purpose. Save the carbon emissions and landfill associated with overconsumption and only fill your bathroom cupboard with things that deserve to be there. Please. 

So, if we really have to bring our skincare routine back to basics, what are the non-negotiable products that are required for a successful skincare line up? Glad you asked.
Here at James Vivian we are big believers in the JV 3. The cornerstone products necessary in every person’s cosmetic case are:
• A cleanser that adequately cleans the skin.
• A moisturiser that provides nourishment and hydration.
• A broad-spectrum SPF that provides protection without interfering with your skins balance.

Once you’ve totally nailed the holy trinity in skincare must-haves, introducing these next cohort of categories can accelerate your results and support the progress made in-between your in-clinic sessions, too. 

Applied post cleansing, vitamin rich serums act as concentrated everyday products to target your specific concerns. James recommends introducing some Vitamin C during the day for its antioxidant protection and brightening abilities, Vitamin A at night-time for its regenerating and age management properties, and Vitamin B both morning and night for its hydrating and calming benefits.

A twice or thrice weekly endeavour, a good chemical exfoliation supercharged with both AHA and BHAs will improve skin texture, allow for an increased penetration of other skincare products and improve the look of the skin generally. We love the relying on Skinbetter Science’s Alpharet Peel Pads to do all of the above in an individually packed little parcel.

Used once or twice per week, these versatile vehicles yielding transformative results should be chosen according to your specific skin concerns. Whether you’re targeting, dryness, congestion, brightening or soothing, there is a mask out there to perfectly complement your considered skincare routine.

Just like with any skincare purchase, we ask all clients to please get in touch before investing in any of the above product suggestions. We don’t want you wasting progress, money or anything else valuable on a goody that’s not good for you. Promise you won’t?

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