3 Winter Skin Hacks We Swear By

3 Winter Skin Hacks We Swear By

Simple skincare hacks you can do from home to get you through winter..

There are a few reasons why the cooler months seem to wreak havoc on our skins…

First of all, in autumn and winter the atmosphere is drier.
Thanks to a process called osmosis, the moisture in our skin is leeched out into the air to help soften our environment. While osmosis might be great for our atmosphere, our poor skin is left drier and more dehydrated than the warmer months.
This process mixed with the darn inside heating throws our skins in even more peril, eeeep!

We know most of you are gold star clients and are already using your moisturiser twice daily. This is helping lock in your skin’s natural water content, whatever the season. While you may highly regard your usual moisturiser, due to the changes in our environment, it may no longer be serving you sufficiently due to that ratbag osmosis and split system.

If you’re not already using a moisturiser (first of all is this a cry for help?) wintertime is THE time to sub one in. Please.
If you’re avoiding moisturiser due to having oily skin, please don’t. Your skin needs it and may actually be producing more oil to try and combat the lack of moisture
If you’re yet to find the perfect moisturiser for your skin, get in touch here so we can help your search.

So, if you are already using a moisturiser but looking to elevate your hydration game for the cooler months, we have a fabulous trick for you.
You can either look for and invest into a richer moisturiser, or you can turbo charge the one you already have.

HACK #1:

Adding in a nourishing oil to your already preferred moisturiser will boost its winter appropriateness and save you shifting from a product you already love.
We love Remedy by Cosmedix for its impressive mix of natural oils and the dewy finish it leaves on our skins.
Simply add a few spots of it to your moisturiser and watch the nourishment sink in.
If you prefer not to cocktail products, oils should always follow after your moisturiser.
Remember, layering 101 is thinnest to thickest, or water to oil based. Simple!

HACK #2:

We often find that making the transition to scratchy synthetic or wool fibres in winter can irritate the already drier skin on our bodies. To avoid this irritation, simple avoid fabrics that you know will irritate or inflame your skin.
To help irritated skin all over, we recommend using Body Therapy from PCA Skin. It doubles as an exfoliant and moisturiser and is absolutely heaven just after a shower in winter.

Speaking of exfoliation, did you also know that our natural exfoliation process decreases in the cooler months?
It sure does.

HACK #3:

Increasing mindful exfoliation (avoiding to over exfoliate) will help promote cell renewal as well as allowing all of the nourishing ingredients you’re applying to penetrate even deeper.To prevent dehydration and gently exfoliate, we recommend subbing in a chemical exfoliant like Exfol L by Aspect.

That all the hacks we’ve got for today team, if you’ve got a winter skin woe, please get in touch for our guidance!