Welcome to Fabruary

Welcome to Fabruary

3 Habits to Build Better Skin this Month.

As January draws to a near close, we’re reminded of those constants like school! and the office! and soon thereafter, the blissfullness of summer holidays seem like a distant memory.
While February can feel overwhelming at the best of times, we’re always here for those of you who wish to prioritise self-care and skin-care.

So, we’re here to offer the comfort of Fabruary (exactly like February but a little more fantastic), to get you excited about your skin!

Fabruary is all about feeling good, great skin and getting into solid skin-habits.

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit and there are 28 days in Feb, meaning you have plenty of time to get cracking on these 3 new skin-tasks- lets do this!

Habit 1: Out with the old (skincare and makeup).

All cosmeceutical and cosmetic products have a shelf life and use by date. Using something that you once loved but never finished may be more harmful than effective on your skin, so it’s time to turf it.

Brush up on Shelf-Care here & the harmfulness of expired skincare here, to better understand the risks of using unsuitable products.

Clearing out your bathroom shelf should also consist of a once-weekly clean of your makeup brushes and utensils.

(Adore Beauty have a comprehensive guide on how to properly clean makeup brushes here.)

Habit 2: In with the new.

After a good cleansing and culling, comes an injection of newness that your skin is needing at that moment in time. Skins are forever changing due to season and life, and so we must accommodate these shifts.

Effective products are only effective if chosen for the right skin, so we believe in the quality over quantity/less is more approach.  

Habit 3: Seek professional advice.

If we haven’t seen you recently, that is totally ok! Priorities aren’t the same for everyone and we understand other life things take precedent.

That being said, making decisions on your skin with someone to guide you is best practice. If you’re doing a great job we can applaud you, and if you’re missing a crucial element in your skin plan we can guide you.

Inviting a profession in for a simple chat about where you and your skin is at, is a quick and effective tool to ensure you’re where you need to be.

We’re here around the clock to engage in a face-to-face or digital consultation to discuss your skin.
Book your consult today.

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