You've heard of Self-Care, what about Shelf-Care?

You've heard of Self-Care, what about Shelf-Care?

James is knocking on your bathroom door.


James here. How are you? Hows your skin?

With more time at home, now is better than ever to do a review of what is in your bathroom cupboard.

Akin to a cook’s pantry, an Artist’s palette and a magician’s hat, your skin is only as good as the range of tricks you’ve got sitting on your B-room shelf.

With your permission (of course), I’m inviting myself into your vanity to help you refine your arsenal of products, turf what’s expired and add in anything your skin is begging for.

completely complimentary, and digital service, we’ll kick off each Shelf-Care Session with a brief consultation to chat about skin’s history and current areas of concern.

So, why is this important?
Refining your bathroom shelf will;

  • Simplify your morning and nightly routine.
    Trust us when we say that having a solid morning and night-time routine will actually get you excited to wash your face. *promise*
  • Clearly define what may be missing in your arsenal.
    Isolation has changed much, your skin is no exception.
  • Ridding you of any expired or unsuitable products.
    We’ll discuss the concept of skincare shelf-life with you.
  • Stop wasting resources on unsuitable products.
    No longer will you waste time and money on in researching, purchasing and trying products that won’t help you and your skin.
  • Slow down the over-consumption of skin and beauty products.
    Wasting money on unsuitable skin stuff also wastes our planet’s resources. Let’s work together to stop unnecessary waste! Please!
  • Lastly, to teach the importance of skincare and at-home care.
    Now that we’re unable to touch your face, skincare is all we have. Let’s make sure you have the best of the best, for your skin. 
    We actually wrote you a blog about this too, read here.

So, if you’d like to invite me (James) into your bathroom for a one-on-one Shelf-Care session, you’ll need to first follow the below steps.

Step 1.
(we’re channelling Dua Lipa)
Book an available time online here.

Step 2.
Separate skincare from cosmetics/makeup, easy! Makeup isn’t my bag so I won’t be going through it with you. I do however, encourage the disposal/recycling/regifting of cosmetics that have been open for over 12-months.

Step 3.
Back to Skincare. We ask you to now separate your all your skincare into two groups; stuff you use often and believe is working, and stuff you hardly use/don’t know what it does/have little faith in.

Step 4.
THEN you’ll need to separate each of these two groups into what has been open for under 12-Months or still sealed, and what has been open for over 12-Months.
If you’re unsure, best to put it in the pile that has been open for over 12-Months.

Step 5.
Wipe down wherever your skincare lives, so when your new and improved kit moves in, it’s got a fresh start.
*We also invite you to complete the above steps without James, discarding or donating products that are unused, expired or aren't performing for your skin.*
You know what they say, one man's forgotten Hyaluronic Acid Serum is another Man's answer to hydrated skin.
I think thats what they said anyway.

Step 6.
Pick up when James calls!

From here, we’ll have a good laugh about why you have 20 cleansers, why you’re using acne products when you actually have rosacea and why focusing on only skincare you need actually saves you money.

Don’t be Shelf-ish, get involved in some Shelf-Love.

James x