Shelf-Care with Lindy Klim

Shelf-Care with Lindy Klim

Ever wondered what Lindy Klim keeps in her bathroom cabinet?⁠

Well good on you for being honest but that is a little weird...⁠

Anyway, for all you sticky beaks, you’re in luck. We recently joined the amazing JV client in her Balinese home to conduct a live Shelf-Care Session. She and James had the chance to go through her top products, what she’s loving and what her skin has been begging for in isolation.

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Being very active in the fashion and beauty world, Lindy confessed that she is the lucky recipient of many skincare offerings. Whilst gifts are so amazing and thoughtful and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, sometimes the gifting of skincare products can seriously cloud a client’s judgement, and potentially de-rail their routine.

Surprisingly though, when we were invited into her bathroom, Lindy had a very refined collection of product.

Gold star!

As a self-proclaimed anti-hoarder, we didn’t have a lot of products to go through in the session. What was there? A very succinct group of skincare that she is holding onto either because they’re providing the results, or because she likes the way they look, feel or smell.

James was lucky enough to see and touch Lindy’s face in the weeks leading up to lockdown. Which means he was able to weave some of our cosmeceutical skincare magic into her routine prior to her return to Bali.

Most of the skincare featured within the session were those prescribed by James.

Living a FIFO lifestyle between Bali and Melbourne (hello dream!), both Lindy’s skincare and treatment plan need to be dynamic enough for her climate-adjusting skin. Concerns of oiliness and dryness were apparent due to the fluctuation in environment. To rid her skin of excess oil and balance her barrier, Cosmedix Clarify cleanser ($70) was introduced. An all-round great cleanser which does the things she needs it to do.

Genetically blessed with a beautiful tanned skin tone, this also unfortunately means that Lindy is more susceptible to suffering from pigmentation (when compared to a fairer skin). She expressed frustrations with areas of Melasma from her recent pregnancy, as well as some post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from being REALLY naughty and picking blemishes.

Gold star revoked!

To tackle both types of pigment, Aspect’s heavy lifting pigment inhibitor Complete Pigment Plus ($160) was a no brainer for Lindy, and seems to be working a treat.

To hydrate, Aspect's SMC (Super Moisturising Complex) ($92) over the top.

Time for some SPF.

As a base Sunscreen, the Colorescience Faceshield ($83) was one Lindy is enjoying for daily use. This product acts as a 50+, primer and with a little bit of pigment, works fabulously under makeup.

Living in a tropical climate and spending time in the sun, it is crucial that Lindy has an option to reapply her SFP throughout the day. Because we all know that one application in the AM does not cut it.

In our chat Lindy confessed her love for the Colourscience Sunforgettable SPF 50 ($99). This stuff is a great way to reapply your SPF over your makeup, and in Lindy's case, under her bike helmet while she's scooting around for essentials.⁠⠀
We've got them in 3 shades of pigment, Lindy opted for the Tan shade.

Lastly, with concerns of ageing and excess oil production due to the Balinese humidity, Lindy opts for the Skin Better Science AlphaRet Serum ($143) as part of her nightly routine. An amazing resurfacing tool, this product is our go-to 2-in-1 Vitamin A and Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) exfoliant, perfect for skins showing signs of ageing, dullness, dryness and dehydration. A suggestion for the more powerful version of this, AlphaRet Intensive Overnight Cream ($153), was discussed. Graduating to a higher percentage of Retiniods and AHA’s is great for a skin that is well-versed and experiencing results from these types of actives.

The other two brands making a cameo in the chat were Jess Gomes Equal Beauty, and La Mer. Both very familiar, high end brands which exude class and hydration and perfectly compliment Lindy’s overarching skin plan.  

We also found out about Lindy’s exciting venture into the world of skin (not necessarily on your face) care. In an effort to normalise the narrative around female personal care and empower women to look after their very personal area, Lindy created Fig Femme. A line of Vulva and Face masks that will be launched later this year.

Gold Star reinstated!


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