The Importance of Homecare

The Importance of Homecare

Ever visited MECCA or Priceline and felt extremely overwhelmed by the unsurmountable number of skincare products?

Not to mention the millions of ‘Skinfluencers’ who swear by this oil and that cleanser.

Do I need retinol? Glycolic what? Should I really be paying THAT much for an eye serum?

The answer you probably don’t want to hear is what we tell our clients time and time again; Cheap skincare isn’t great, great skincare isn’t cheap and expensive skincare might not necessarily be exactly what your skin needs.

A blanket skincare approach to your very personal, specific skin concerns won’t usually provide the results you seek. Akin to that, the newest fad is probably not going to be the miracle product you’ve been waiting your whole life for. Sorry.

Please stop looking for external advice and reading reviews, come and speak to an expert.

At JV we pair products for your individual concerns

We poke and prod, ask you to bring in what you’ve bought, we use different diagnostic tools. After all this hard work, we present to you; the perfect plan.

Your perfect plan will consist of a Treatment and Homecare prescription. The treatment plan of in-clinic procedures will act as the powerhouse in your skin journey. Incorporating the use of acids, actives and equipment, the treatments we help you experience require some downtime, and will usually take place weeks apart.

The hard work within the JV Skin Plan happens at home

Your bespoke homecare plan will compliment, support and really do the hardest slog in keeping your skin in-check. Consisting of a range of products prescribed to target your concerns whatever they may be i.e acne, sings of ageing, rosacea.

Got a product you’re loving and want to continue to use? Great. As long as it’s working and you’re happy with it, we’re happy with it too. Lets create you a kick-ass arsenal of skin and cosmetic products that get you excited to wash your face in the morning.

Now, sometimes clients don’t always do their homework. Let us just say, there is no way you can fool us on that one. It’s written all over your face. When people stray from our prescribed routine, we see a decline in results.

Sometimes clients stray because the results aren’t there, and that will happen. As long as we know, we can continually adjust your plan to accommodate changes in your skin.

We have a fabulous range of cosmeceutical cleansers, serums, sunscreens and anything else you may need to reach those skin goals you’ve been dreaming of.

Let us simplify skincare for you.

James x