Your Skin Should Be Your Priority

Your Skin Should Be Your Priority

"Skin health should be a priority. Seeing your Dermal Therapist should be as important as seeing your dentist."

Two amazing James Vivian clients have spoken to a similar statement within the last week, and we couldn't help but share.

As we descend into the midst of January, we have been reflecting on both the year that was and the skin that was. Some of our clients have ticked some serious skin goals, and others presented with new concerns. Meeting new clients who have only just begun their dermal therapies journey, we often hear things like “I wish I had started sooner! This is so important! Skin health should be a priority – like the dentist.”
and quite frankly, we could not agree more.

While we're so glad to see this realisation occur in the brilliant minds of our clients, we sometimes do wish they had discovered dermal therapies a little sooner. While we do love a challenge, the earlier you get stuck into those skin concerns, the less time they have to develop and deepen.
Which brings us to our next question..

When should you start looking after your skin?

We would typically recommend as soon as you start to see change, or when you hit your teens.

Our teenage years are usually when we see the skin start to change, some more than others. It is around this time that oil and sebum start to present and breakouts, congestion and acne start to form.
Here at James Vivian we regularly see clients who are 12-14 years old, whose parents are getting on the front foot and treating skin changes as they arise.
Of course there are times when we will refer clients onto a dermatologist for medical intervention, but often, we are able to nip the issue in the bud (or pore).

For us, getting teens into a good habit of looking after their skin is the goal. Whether it be a simple two step routine of cleanser and SPF, or something a little more targeted, these conversations early on form the foundation of a skin-enthused adult with an enviable complexion.

Some are, of course, a little later to the skincare party. There are a few genetically blessed individuals who don’t begin to see changes well into their 30's (unicorns, we call them). While they may have immaculate skin, there is certainly something to be said about prevention rather than treatment. We're leading with that front foot again.

Why do we think some are later to adopt proper skin care than others?
Well, thats a complex(ion) one really.

Firstly, the number one reason someone will engage with a professional like ourselves is to fix a problem. Acne, rosacea, pigmentation etc; a client sees something they don't like, and they get in touch in an attempt to fix it.

Secondly, we often follow in our mother’s footsteps. If mum prioritised skincare, we will. We learn the good habits and some mistakes along the way.

Thirdly, who do you trust?
With the influence of social media and the accessibility of Google, there’s a lot of cowboys out there misinforming, suggesting you must have tonnes of products which is a complete fallacy. Navigating the internet is tricky, especially if you're unsure of where to look and who to trust. Thats why speaking to a professional is key to weed out all the misinformation and fluff.

Prioritising skin health can look like a few different things within the realms of treatments and skincare. Firstly, it is seeing a professional and making a plan. Keeping the skin healthy means monitoring as well as managing change.
We are excellent at putting ourselves last, particularly when recent times have been throwing nothing but curveballs at us.
But just like going to the dentist bi-annually, coming in to see someone about your skin regularly
(We recommend a minimum of 4 times per year for your skin as a standard, more about that here.)
This allows enough contact with your clinician to help with any season changes, topping up skincare and to ensure skin health is maintained.

So, is skin health a priority? Like the dentist? We think so! As we kick off a new year now is a better time than ever to reach for that skin you've always wanted, and let us build a skincare and treatment plan that will get you there.

As always, our complimentary initial consultation with one of our team is here to aid in the above.
So, what are you waiting for?

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