For Skins About to go on Holiday

For Skins About to go on Holiday

What we (and you) must not forget before hitting the road.

Can you believe we are nearly into our summer holidays?
Well we kinda can because we have never anticipated an end to a year quite like 2020.
If you're partaking in holiday fun this year, let’s talk about how to best look after your skin over the break.

This should really go without saying, but sunscreen is a must. When you’re having active sun days, beach, walking, or generally being more out-doorsy, we want you to change up your skincare regime a little. Not adding in anything new per-say, just ensuring the reapplication of SPF is prioritised.

On days where you'll be spending more time than usual in the sun, start with your normal cleanse then get that sunscreen on. Re-apply regularly, wear a hat and seek shade between bouts of UV. Sunscreen is key but staying out of the sun is just as important!

Days spent under the sun or in the salt water, sometimes it can be a bit too much for the skin to apply your usual serums before your SPF.

Everyday sun-protecting moisturisers can range from an SPF15 to 30 and are mostly mineral. These types of SPF are designed to sit on top of the skin. We therefore believe it is ok to have your serums underneath.

Contrary, SPF50+ is generally a chemical sunscreen formulation designed to absorb and filter the UV to protect the skin. Therefore, your serums are not needed.
So! mineral sunscreens (most we sell at James Vivian) you can use on top of your regular AM serums prescribed by us. 50+ or chemical sunscreens = use without serums.

If you have the pleasure of partaking in regular swims or lots of time spent by the ocean on an upcoming holiday, your skin is likely to get dry and rough. This is the time to reacquaint yourself with masks.
Masks are a large vitamin boost for the skin. They are thick, rich, and full of nourishing ingredients and repairing peptides. All working to restore your skin's barrier after the fun and damage that (delicious but damaging) summer environment has on our skin.

Now if you’re enjoying the festive treats (as you should) and your skin is looking a little dull and congested, this may be an indication to turn to exfoliation, purifying cleansers and remember not to pick any blemishes that may appear.

If you’re prone to a few “festive” breakouts, now may be the time to consider reaching out to us as to a plan of attack in tackling them head on. We'll also be back in the clinic from January 11th 2021 to start planning your post-holiday skin-tox and pick up where we left off in 2020.

When we see you for your first appointment of the New Year we'll discuss ways in which we can repair the skin, removing dull and damaged cells and stimulating collagen, elastin and growth factors.

Summer holidays are a time to reset, recharge, reflect and prepare for the year ahead. Perhaps you might like to take some time to think about your skin goals for 2021 and how we here at James Vivian can support you with them.

New year, new you, new skin.
2021 we're ready for you baby!