The Quarterly Check-In

The Quarterly Check-In

Clients come to us for a few reasons..
There are those with an acute concern that we manage quickly,
Some with more challenging concerns which may take a few months to completely resolve, others for regular skin maintenance and proactive age management.
Then there are those that are yet to find their go-to facial person or perhaps have has sub-par professional experiences within the skin and and beauty space.
Either way, we find you now here at the James Vivian clinic, and here is what happens next.

Firstly, we need to establish your main concerns, how long we may need to treat them and the type of client you would like to be. When it comes to your treatment planning, we customise it completely to your skin, your lifestyle and your budget. As much as we would love to see you every 4-6-8 weeks, we know that this is not always practical and in some circumstances your skin may not require such consistent treatment.

The bare minimum when it comes to regular treatments?
By this time your products are likely to be running low, the season is changing, and so will your skin.
We use these quarterly session to reassess your skin, making sure the next purchases you make are still the most appropriate for your skin’s current state.

Often at the change of season the skin can become drier or oilier. This is the perfect time to reset the skin with a good cleanse, some moderate peeling and purposeful light therapy. There also may be changes to your diet and lifestyle which could exacerbate skin challenges. You may even be going on or back from holidays where the skin is affected by sun exposure and temperature changes.
Here we can educate you in the most appropriate management for your skin. This may include tweaking at-home skincare or getting on top of any new concerns with additional treatments.

Between your quarterly treatments, we will also be checking in intermittently to ensure everything is moving along well. If we don’t hear from you, we presume everything is a-ok.

If it isn’t, we won’t know, so you MUST get in touch so we can guide you.
If there’s a new breakout, if you find a new patch of redness, if the skin is feeling a bit sensitive, we want to know and we want to help.
It has certainly been a crazy year and the the changes to our lifestyle, stress levels, budgets and everything is between can cause havoc on our skin. Therefore, you may need a little more regular guidance from us, and that is what we are here for.

We never stop thinking about your skin.
Help us help you and get in touch with updates, we love them!