The Dermal Therapist

The Dermal Therapist

Dermal therapist or dermal clinician, what we do and how we got here.

Dermal therapists are seriously skin obsessed individuals. We are so passionate about skin that if we aren’t treating it, we’re thinking about it. And if we aren’t thinking about it, who are we kidding – we’re always thinking about it.
Skin is our hobby, our passion and our job.

A dermal therapist often begins their journey in the beauty world but is passionate about skin and aesthetics. Some of us knew early and pursued the dermal degree. Others spent a little more time growing in the industry before taking on the degree.

Yes, a dermal therapist is a tertiary qualified skin professional. Most of us all went through four massive years at Victoria University.
This degree in particular gave us the opportunity to let our passion flourish as we study skin holistically, medically and learn more about interdisciplinary practice. Therefore, the scope of a dermal therapist is vast. We study anatomy and physiology. We delve into the function and malfunction of skin. We learnt how to safely and effectively manipulate skin with light, heat and even electricity.. and that was just the beginning of the story.

Fast forward a decade or so and we are still learning. Why?

Because skin is a magnificent organ that continues to surprise us. And, like we said before, dermal therapists are seriously skin obsessed individuals in an industry that grows and changes FAST.

What does this mean? It means that when we aren’t treating you, we’re trialling something new on us. You see, we didn’t just learn how to use laser, we learned the physics of light, how to manipulate energy, the malfunction of skin as well as wound healing and repair. Often one of the JV crew will have a lightbulb moment, then we have a team meeting, then we develop some possible protocols, then we test them on one another. So, you can guarantee that when we say “we’re trying something new today” we have already proved its efficacy on one another.

So, what can you expect when you visit James Vivian?
Firstly, you will be treated by a tertiary qualified, skin obsessed professional. You can guarantee that from the moment we see your skin we are planning your skins journey with us. And, between your appointments you will be on our mind. We know what’s happening in the industry and are happy to answer all your questions too.

Got a question? Please ask us. We love questions.