How to Support Your Skin Throughout Winter

How to Support Your Skin Throughout Winter

If you, like us, are located in the frosty south of the Australian continent right now, your skin might be, let us say, adjusting to the cooler weather. Here's how to best take care of your skin throughout the winter months...

Ingredients you should be looking out for to nourish skin in winter?
Ingredients that help replenish the loss of moisture in the skin due to dehydration from heaters and sensitive winter skins are...

Meet our hydration heroes!
Hyaluronic Acid which is a power hydrator that can be found in the Viviology Niacinamide + HA Serum and PCA Skin's Hyaluronic Acid Lip Booster.

Aloe Vera which can be linked to increased skin healing and is also found in the Viviology Gentle Foaming Cleanser and Lightweight Moisturiser

Sodium PCA is a humectant that draws moisture to the layers of the skin and can be found in the Viviology Ceramide Moisturiser and the Trio Rebalancing Moisturiser by Skinbetter Science.

Glycerine which increases skin hydration, relieves dryness, and refreshs the skin's surface can be found in Viviology's Retinol Serum 0.3% and Reboot by Cosmedix.

Low-dose AHAs and PHAs which are gentle exfoliants and can be found in Viviology's Liquid Exfoliant and Aspect's Exfol L.

The best ways to retain skin moisture throughout the winter months
Prevention is always better than cure so prevent dehydration before it occurs by ensuring a healthy skin barrier by not over exfoliating and over-using active ingredients which irritate the skin.

Favouring ingredients such as ceramides, amino acids, omegas and shea butter help to act as a band aid retaining skin moisture and reducing hypersensitivity that the harsh winter weather often brings.

SPF in winter, it's still important, right?

SPF is a 365 day a year proposition, (366 when it comes to a leap year). In fact, there is the potential for more sun damage to occur in the winter months as many of us relax on our application.

UVA radiation penetrates through clouds and windows and can really be just as strong during the winter months and can reek havoc on signs of sun damage later in life as well as places the skin in greater risk of skin cancer.

Wearing SPF is so much about future-proofing our skins so that we have less issues to deal with later on in life. It truly is an investment in our skins future and an important part of sun safety protocol (yes alongside wearing a hat!).


James' final top tips when it comes to caring the skin throughout winter?
When considering treatments during the winter months, there are often more opportunities for treatments that yield downtime in addition to people being able to refrain from going into the sun post-treatment which is more often than not advised.

Common treatments undertaken during the winter months are stronger chemical peels and laser resurfacing treatments to improve skin texture and clarity, as well as laser treatments to target pigmentation and redness. 
Some examples of treatments we prefer to conduct during the winter months at The Porehouse? 

IPL is a light-based treatment that fades skin discolourations, such as sun damage, freckling, hyperpigmentation and generalised redness.
Transform Peel - this deeply exfoliating chemical peel reduces the signs of pigmentation, leaving behind naturally refined, clearer and brighter skin.

Finally, winter time is the best time to get a skin cancer check as ideally summer tans have faded and this is especially important before receiving any treatment that may remove the signs of skin cancers and therefore reduce the potential for early detection. 
Unsure of where to start if you're yet to have a skin check? Please refer to this interactive (and potentially life-saving) map from our friends over at Skin Check Champions.

Anything else? Please book in for a consult with our team to help you and your winter skin! You can do so, here