Founder Facials Vol. 4 - Emily Nolan

Founder Facials Vol. 4 - Emily Nolan

Founder Facials, where we go into the treatment room with some of our favourite business owners to pick their brain, as James picks their skin.

Our second instalment is all about Emily Nolan, Founder and fashionista behind the eponymous Melbourne-based fashion label, E Nolan. 

Emily, a great friend of James' and the clinic, is a vivacious fashion designer who has brought her classic and cultured designs to appreciators for some time. E Nolan is known best for it's offering of tailored, bespoke and sumptuous silhouettes, but also offer a gorgeous ready-to-wear collection, too. 

Here, James and Emily dive into what it takes to run a beautiful (fashion or beauty) business, what gets Em out of bed of a morning and how she overcomes self-doubt on the daily. 

Get the full episode below and stay tuned for new additions to our series!