The Importance of In-Clinic Treatments

The Importance of In-Clinic Treatments

What to do when skincare will only get you so far.

There is no denying how incredible and transformative some cosmeceutical skincare can be. These products help keep our skin looking bright and healthy on the daily, afford us the opportunity to target specific concerns such as breakouts, pigmentation and slow down the rate at which our skin appears to age. We would be absolutely lost with our twice daily routine of cleansing, nourishment, and protection, but these bottled elixirs will only take our skin so far.

To supercharge our skin’s progress and achieve the results we so rightfully deserve, routine trips to see a professional for our skin is so important.  Enter the wonderful world of dermal therapy treatments...

Ideally administered by a trained and experienced Dermal Clinician, dermal therapy treatments are targeted procedures which aim to effect long standing change within the skin. Concerns such as breakouts, congestion, pigmentation, pore-size, facial redness, sensitivities, fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity can all be helped through the use of different dermal therapy treatments. And if you’ve not got a specific concern to target, these supercharged skin sessions can absolutely achieve the highly-coveted glow the majority of us desire.  

Here at James Vivian, our offering of Dermal Therapy Treatments includes and combines the below modalities:

Chemical Peels are a topically applied solution which exfoliates and increases the skin’s cell turnover. There is a myriad of different chemical peels on the market some which help target skin brightness, breakouts, congestion, pore-size, pigmentation and hydration.

Laser and light-based therapies such as Laser Genesis, IPL, LED, picosecond and other wavelengths are very popular to target the deeper layers of the skin, usually triggering the collagen and elastin response. These heat and non-heat based therapies can effect positive change on skin texture, pigmentation, pore-size, facial redness, fine lines and winkles and loss of elasticity.

Mechanical modalities such as skin needling, AKA Dermapen 4, rely on a tool with micro needles that puncture the skin at a fast rate, creating channels of superficial trauma within the skin to trigger the wound healing response. Dermapen is a fantastic tool to treat visible signs of ageing, scarring, pigmentation, uneven skin texture and concerns of vascularity.  

Anti-wrinkle, dermal filler and other injectable treatments do not fall into the realm of Dermal Therapies. The treatments we and other clinics offer can brilliantly compliment these types of medical intervention or are a brilliant alternative to those wishing to steer clear of injectables.

Just like skincare, choosing a dermal therapy treatment or a dermal therapist can be overwhelming. A good Dermal Clinician will always commence with a consultation prior to the application of any dermal therapy treatment to ensure that your concerns are heard and that any treatments suggested are targeting your concerns safely.

There is occasionally an element of downtime and discomfort during dermal therapy treatments, but these should also be discussed with your dermal Clinician prior to the commencement of the treatment. Post-treatment care and how to properly protect your sensitised skin should also be an important discussion your Dermal Clinician has with you. Here are some other tips about properly caring for your skin pre and post treatment.

As with all advice, the best type is one by a professional, given to you with a knowledge of your skin and your concerns. The best way to know which in-clinic treatment to start with is by getting in touch here!