Toners, great for some skins and unsuitable for others.

Whilst there is some conflicting information out there on the efficacy of toners and essences, at James Vivian we believe that this product category can be an excellent addition to some skins.

These supercharged mists and elixirs are used to further prepare the skin post cleanse, to soak up all the transformative goodness that comes following when applying your serums.

Especially appropriate for skins showing signs of excess oil production and breakouts, toners featuring ingredients like salicylic acid help to balance out the sebum in the skin.

Whether you’re looking to complete your cleansing process or further treat your concerns with an extra surge of ingredients, please get in touch to see whether a toner is the right type of product for you.

The below curation of toners are the James Vivian approved ones we rely on!

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