How to Best Support your Skin this Summer (Part 2)

How to Best Support your Skin this Summer (Part 2)

Get acquainted with James’ top at-home and in-clinic tips, to ensure your skin is flirty, protected and thriving this sunny season.

When it comes to the best way to support your skin during the summer months... we can help, too! Get to know 3 in-clinic offerings to help get your skin to summer lovin’ status, below.

As with each season’s change, it’s always a good idea to check in with your skin and, if you have one, check in with your dermal therapist. That’s why our first in-clinic treatment suggestion for you to consider during summer is…

1. A consultation with a Dermal Therapist!

Whilst we understand that not everyone has the opportunity to come to James Vivian or seek professional help, receiving expert advice for your skin will be the biggest proponent in using the right products, addressing concerns and helping you achieve your skin goals.

A consultation with an expert will help you better understand the tools necessary to keep your skin glowing, protected, hydrated and harmonious, summer-long.

You can book an in-person or digital chat with one of our Porehouse Professionals, here.

2. Healite II LED

To calm and address the sun damage, congestion and sensitivity that comes along with summer, we rely heavily on our LED devices at James Vivian.

Light therapy is a pleasant and effective tool that restores balance to the skin, and throughout the summer months, is fantastic for repairing post trauma healing, calming breakouts, and accelerating collagen and elastin production.

Cue the lightbulb moment and learn more about Healite II, here!

3. The James Vivian Signature Dermal Therapy Treatment

In a not-so-shameless plug, it would be remiss of us not to offer our go-to Signature treatment as the ideal summer-spruce your skin needs!

The James Vivian Signature Dermal Therapy Treatment features a cohort of different modalities that are used as our ‘bag of tricks’ to help address what your skin needs on the day of treatment.

Totally personalised to whatever summer woes your skin is experiencing, expect a melange of exfoliation, extractions, light-therapy, chemical peels and more to feature in your very own ‘facial on steroids’.

Learn more about our beloved ‘Siggyhere, or get in touch to discuss anything summer, skin or song, here.