What is Green Genesis and How Does it Work?

What is Green Genesis and How Does it Work?

Introducing Laser Genesis’ Younger Sibling, Green Genesis.

If you’ve visited us at James Vivian for a treatment, chances are you’re familiar with our go-to device for age management and a plethora of other things, Laser Genesis. One of the most important devices in our arsenal here at the clinic, LG is often part of our most popular facial, the Signature Dermal Therapy Treatment, as well as an awesome tool to target many specific skin concerns.

Cutera’s Laser Genesis is our (not so) secret weapon against signs of ageing, redness and uneven texture. It works by using a 1064nm wavelength to reduce the size of lines, pores, minimise redness and vascularity as well as lighten scarring and even tone. Many hats indeed! We rely so heavily on this device in-clinic as the treatment emits no discomfort nor downtime, perfect for clients who don’t have the luxury of life-interruption! Awesome by itself or brilliant when used in conjunction with other modalities such as chemical peels, Laser Genesis’ collagen stimulating boost is a winner for most skin types and concerns.

Whilst LG has held a strong residency in our clinic for quite some time, it’s little sister, Green Genesis is making just as a compelling case of greatness (it’s in the Genesis genetics obviously!). Green Genesis is a fairly new technology that was introduced to work in addition with Laser Genesis, and instead uses a 532nm wavelength. Green Genesis targets everything that its older sibling does, as well as more precisely treating signs of sun damage, pigmentation and additional redness.

So, how is Green Genesis different?

Other than relying on a higher wavelength to target issues of pigmentation and vascularity on a more intense level, there aren’t too other differences between the two.

BUT if you’d like to get technical, listen up.
Laser Genesis works by emitting a large dose of laser energy, creating heat that is absorbed by the skin’s microvasculature. This ‘bulk heating’ stimulates the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production response. Collagen and elastin not only reduce the appearance of ageing, redness and scarring, but improve your skin’s health overall. In the case of Green Genesis, the laser energy is instead absorbed by superficial microvasculature and melanin.

Class is now dismissed!

Do they feel different?

In terms of how both treatments feel on the skin compared to one another, Laser Genesis provides absolutely no discomfort, and has actually been likened to warm droplets of water gently making contact with your skin. Green Genesis may feel a little snappier which won’t last too long but will still hold a lovely warming sensation that is comfortable. 

Which one is best for you?

Like every treatment and skincare product, the best one for you is the best one for your skin and the best person to determine that is one of our clever Dermal Clinicians. Other than reaching out for a consultation with us, there are a few clear distinctions on who is suitable for both Laser or Green Genesis, and who is not 

Green Genesis is suitable only for lighter skin types and those who do not experience melasmic hyperpigmentation or superficial redness (clients with melasma or hormonal redness). Those of you with a darker Fitzpatrick or malasmic pigmentation are often still a good candidate for Laser Genesis. 

Where to from here?

If you’d like to chat with us about Laser Genesis, Green Genesis or any other type of genesis (just kidding we only have two!), please get in touch! You can do so here.