Are you Cleansing your Skin Properly?

Are you Cleansing your Skin Properly?

The James Vivian Guide to Cleansing. 

The first step in every considered skincare routine is cleansing. The twice daily ritual that rids our skin of any residual sweat, makeup and gunk, if you’re not cleansing properly, you’re not giving your skin the best chance to function and evolve.

Not unlike all other cosmeceutical products that lean on sophisticated formulations, active ingredients and the smarts of scientists worldwide, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to cleansers. There are a variety of different cleanser types out there, formulated specifically to support different skin types and concerns. For us here at James Vivian, we are big believers in your cleanser being selected to reflect your skin type.

Is your Cleanser Right for your Skin Type? 
We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, the best cleanser for you is the one that adequately cleanses your skin without interfering with its balance or barrier. It may sound simple but finding the right cleanser can be quite the task.

We must rid the skin of impurities, build up and pollutants before applying targeted products like serums and moisturisers, which better target concerns like ageing and redness. Avoiding over-exfoliation and under cleansing is our goal. 

It’s also important to note that we sometimes do recommend switching up your cleanser according to the season. Generally speaking, we opt for a foaming cleanser throughout periods of high SPF reapplication, perspiration and gunk build up (summer months), and a gentler option throughout periods of cool winds, heating and frosty temperatures (brrr, winter).

A good way to know if you have the WRONG cleanser, is if your skin feels sensitised, tight, red or irritated after use. This may be a sign you need to switch to something a little gentler. Alternatively, if your skin still feels oily or like your cleanser isn't effectively getting rid of the days residue on your face, it might be time to switch to something a little more exfoliating or foaming.

Whilst you already know we’d prefer you to get in touch before selecting a cleanser yourself, here are some cleanser suggestions according to different skin types/concerns, that we trust and sell;
Balanced Skin – SkinBetter Science Cleansing Gel
Dry/Dehydrated Skin/Sensitive - Dermaquest Delicate Cleansing Cream
Oily Skin – Dermaquest DermaClear Cleanser
Acneic Skin – Dermaquest DermaClear BHA Cleanser
Pigmented Skin – Dermaquest EvenSkin Facial Cleanser
Makeup Removal – Aspect Cleansing Micellar Water

Our 2-Minute Cleanse Philosophy
If you’ve been a fan of the JV brand for some time, you will be familiar with our 2-Minute Cleanse philosophy.

Throughout one of 2020’s lockdown, James noticed a pattern of clients who were experiencing some out of the ordinary skin congestion and concerns. Well equipped with the correct products to target these concerns, he found that many of these clients weren’t spending enough time cleansing their skin.

In order to adequately cleanse your face, you must spend enough time working your cleanser into the skin, creating a lather or rich emulsification and reaching every possible corner of your face and neck, all whilst promoting good circulation.

Whilst 2 minutes may seem to be an extensive amount of time to wash your face, James is adamant it’s the adequate time you should be dedicating to cleaning your skin and giving it the best chance to transform. Prepping your skin properly will also ensure your face is in the best shape to increase the efficacies of all the serums and elixirs that come after.

We have had numerous clients get in touch telling us that switching to the 2-minute cleanse (and doing nothing else new) has dramatically changed their skin for the better. You can also consider it a 2-minute moment of facial massage self-care or of self-reflection.

If you don’t know how long 2 minutes is, sing, hum or follow Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles and there you have it, simple. 

Second to that, a double cleanse should always be a consideration. Rule of thumb to go by to know when a double cleanse is necessary, it to feel if your skin is adequately clean after your first cleanse. If you noticed that the emulsified cleanser has been taken over by makeup pigments or doesn’t feel foamy enough, time to repeat the step.

Cleansing Devices
At James Vivian, we aren’t big fans of many of the cleansing devices on the market. Due to questions around the efficacy and how necessary devices reliant on frequency and mechanical technologies are, we prefer to steer clear of them. That being said, most devices shouldn’t be too problematic as long as you’re not using them to over exfoliate, or not adequately cleaning them between uses where germs and bacteria may reside.

A simple yet effective cleansing tool we wholeheartedly believe in to supercharge your cleansing routine (for the right client) is the Dermaenergy Mini Cleansing Brush. This small silicone tool is gentle enough to ensure abrasion isn’t present, adequately stimulates circulation and is effective enough to get into the nooks and crannies of your face and let your cleanser work to the best of its ability.

Cleansing questions? Let's lather up some rich conversation. Get in touch here.