Supporting your Skin through Changing Seasons

Supporting your Skin through Changing Seasons

Just like the leaves falling from the trees, our skin goes through changes as the seasons move along. Here’s how to give your skin what it needs during these times...

As seasons change, our skin not only reacts to changes in temperatures. Example? Increased heat in warm months causes our skin to produce more sweat and oil in summer, but also reacts due to behavioural changes as well. For example, cooler weather calls for an increase in indoor heating which dries out our skin in winter.

While it is hard to ascertain just how common it is for people to experience skin concerns based on seasonality, the main concern that cooler weather brings is a decrease in skin hydration which can often lead to skin irritation and breakouts. This can further be exacerbated on the skin of the body when fabrics such as wool and synthetic fibres are selected for added warmth.

In summer, increased sweat and oil levels, as well as an increase in SPF application, can see an increase in acne symptoms, such as breakouts, blackheads and congestion. These symptoms can also be somewhat of a winter hangover due to the increase in products used over the cooler months to combat dryness.

The best way to try and combat these skin concerns due to change in season is to listen to your skin and consider some of the below…

As the temperatures start to drop
As the temperature cools, our natural exfoliation processes slow down. Regular exfoliation will help ensure our skin not only maintains its brightness and smoother texture, but also helps our hydrating skincare penetrate deeper into our skin.

Here at James Vivian we prefer a chemical exfoliant over a physical one. Our favourite? The Viviology Liquid Exfoliant as it hydrates whilst simultaneously exfoliating and it can be used as many or as little times as your skin will tolerate it!

Opt for a richer moisturiser or mix in a drop or two of oil with your favourite moisturiser to help negate dehydration from indoor heating and add in a hyaluronic acid or niacinamide serum to boost hydration when there is less natural moisture in the air.

Things to consider in Spring & Summer
In contrast, as the temperature climbs, opt for a foaming cleanser that can help manage the increase in oil and sweat production and lighten up your hydration step with a serum, gel or lotion.

Two of our go-to foaming cleansers here at the clinic are The Viviology Gentle Foaming Cleanser and RX Clean by Cosmedix Elite.

Whilst SPF is essential all year around, UBV radiation is more profound in the warmer months and therefore greater diligence is required. Explore our curation of physical and chemical sunscreens, here.

When trying to treat your change of season skin at home without the help of a professional, here are some things to look out for.
Dry skin can lead to irritated skin, manifesting as redness, flaking, discomfort, breakouts and textured skin. One common mistake we see is when rather than reducing the application of exfoliants and ingredients such as Vitamin A, that people often use more these ingredients thinking it will help. Not taking it easy on the skin with highly active ingredients will only keep an irritated skin irritated for longer.

Not using SPF in winter is also sadly too common. UVA radiation pierces through the clouds to be just as strong in winter as it is summer. SPF? 365 days a year.

In summer, increased oil and sweat production can lead to breakouts which can lead to picking which can lead to skin discolourations. People often use the sun to even out these discolourations which can lead to skin cancer, sun damage and more discolourations.

How long should we be giving our skin to adjust to the new season before we know something else might be awry?
A tricky one but it’s always best to trust your intuition and listen to your skin if it’s telling you something is off kilter.

If it’s been a few weeks of troubled skin and you’re unable to get your skin back on track, time to book in for a consultation with your dermal therapist.

If you’re reading this and don’t currently have a dermal therapist (what a coincidence)! you’ve come to the right place. Every newbie to James Vivian is invited to a 45 minute complimentary consultation where one of our dermal clinicians will help decipher what’s going on with your skin. They can be conducted in-person or online and can be booked here.

Can’t wait to meet you and your skin!