Why We Love Peptides

Why We Love Peptides

Everything you need to know about peptides and why you’ve got to have this powerhouse ingredient in your repertoire.

Everyday activities contribute to the look and feel of our skin. Things like sun exposure, our environment and our lifestyle can, unfortunately, lead to accelerated breakdown of healthy proteins like collagen and elastin. Our collagen keeps our skin looking and feeling plump. While elastin works on the bounce and texture of our skin. Therefore, we need to give our skin as much support as possible to grow and repair with active skincare and purposeful dermal treatments.

At JV we love peptides! They’re one of our favourite groups of active ingredients when it comes to cosmeceutical skincare.

So, what the heck are they?

Peptides are chemical messengers which support the building blocks in our skin, our collagen and elastin.
Essentially, peptides are hard-working chemical messengers which can excite or regulate functions within our skin. Coming in a whole range of different varieties, each type can perform a different skin-amazing, rejuvenating task.
For example; neuropeptides can mimic the action of botox smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, while other peptides can be used in formulations to regulate pigment, vascularity and even oil production.
While different types of peptides will excel at specific things, the majority will stimulate collagen production by signalling the cells to regrow. This will in turn leave our skin looking and feeling firmer, and who doesn’t want a whole lot of that?!

Ultimately, to give your skin the best support peptides should be part of your skincare every single day! Not sure where to start?

Here are our holy grail products packed full of fabulous peptides;

Interfuse EYE Cream by Skin Better Science ($135)
A revolutionary eye cream containing neuro-calming peptides to instantly smooth the skin and soften fine lines. While messenger peptides work on nourishing and firming the skin.

EvenSkin Serum by Dermaquest ($125)
A powerful and hydrating pigment regulating serum that relies on peptides that interfere with pigment production. Working at multiple stages it re-normalises the process leaving you with smoother, brighter and even skin.

Clarity-Bac Complex by Socite ($99)
A lightweight, oil free treatment cream for skins experiencing acne and congestion. Purifying peptides work synergistically with other ingredients to encourage healthy cell turnover bringing congestion to the surface and with it a clearer complexion.