Why You Should Make The Switch to Mineral Makeup

Why You Should Make The Switch to Mineral Makeup

Do you kinda know that mineral makeup is better for your skin but not sure why? Let’s walk you through it.

First of all, what is mineral makeup?
Well its exactly that – makeup made primarily from minerals. Mineral makeup is made from these naturally occurring resources found in the earth. Finally ground to create a powder or paste, the main sort of mineral used in these types of products are primarily iron oxides and zinc oxides. Providing the skin colour, sun protection and in some cases aiding in reducing inflammation in the skin, these are the reasons why we favour mineral makeup in the JV world.

Mineral makeups have other skin loving ingredients too. Zinc and minerals reduce inflammation and allow your skin to glow. Mineral makeups commonly contain humectants (i.e. hyaluronic acid) or other hydrating ingredients which means your skin will be happy, hydrated and if you’re lucky, even more glow!

You wouldn’t build a house with the finest materials and slap a non-protective, inexpensive coat of paint on the exterior would you? Same goes with your skin.

To us, foundation is your last skincare product and your first makeup product. All your hard work using fabulous skincare can easily be compromised when using a pore-clogging, drying foundation. It is such a shame and something we often see with clients.

The difference between Mineral and non-mineral makeup.

Let’s say you have been working with us for a while, you’ve had a few treatments, your skincare is on point, but you haven’t quite got that glow, there’s still a little redness lingering and things “could be better”.
Yes, there could be a few different culprits, but often it is that highly pigmented, full coverage foundation that you’re applying over your prescribed skincare.
To get that “flawless” coverage requires ingredients that our skin doesn’t tolerate well and therefore lets you know through inflammation. This is not to say that you will NEVER wear that foundation again. We suggest you save it for a special occasion when the camera is out and you’re in front of the camera (fancy events, special occasions every so often).

We invite you to think about mineral makeup with a food pyramid analogy. Where the leafy greens would sit, thats where mineral makeups would live. You should reach for them everyday as you know they are so good for you. Whereas the highly pigmented makeups are more like a glass of wine, or whole pizza to yourself, every so often is fine but moderation is key, babe.

At JV our mineral makeup of choice is from Colorscience. Tint du Soleil ($99) is a light-weight, hydrating and illuminating foundation/BB cream that provides coverage, sun protection and is rich in other skin loving ingredients (antioxidants, humectants). It’s creamy formulation allows for smooth, easy application and is buildable enough to up the coverage with ease. If you’re an oily skin type prone to a 4pm shine-show, set the foundation with a mineral-based powder (like this Colorescience one). Tint Du Soleil is available in 3 different shades, but please let us know if these aren’t suitable for your skin type and we can order in one that is.

Shop our full range of Colorescience Mineral Make Up here.

*side note
If you’re clinging to a full coverage foundation due to the intention of ‘covering the canvas’, this may be an indication of something a little more complicated. Covering up usually implies you’re unhappy with your skin – let the JV team guide you through the best treatments and skincare to address your concerns!